To acquire properties in need of restoration and improve them through redesigning, reinventing, and increasing the profitablity of the housing.
To provide tenants with professionally managed living arrangements.





Managing Partners

Kevlar LLC's managing partners of Kevin Mekaru & Lawrence Dassinger, represents a strong blend of complementary skills including: people management and business accumen.  Kevin Mekaru & Lawrence Dassinger have completed the "Rich Dad" Real Estate Investment & Property Management course. Additionally, Kevin Mekaru holds a BA in Business Management from Michigan State University and Lawrence Dassinger has over 11 years of management experience in the field of lease credit collections.  Both Kevin and Lawrence have Real Estate management expertise combined of over 22 years.

Kevin Mekaru- Managing Partner
Kevin has experience in successfully managing and acquiring rental properties in the greater Chicagoland & Fox Valley area since 1993.  Kevin has done so with a blend of creative entrepreneurship and aggressive vision for financial independence through real estate acquisition.   

Lawrence Dassinger - Managing Partner
Lawrence, also a co-founder of Kevlar LLC, has experience providing sound management techniques in the area of tenant screening and rental collections.  Lawrence currently holds a lease portfolio manager position with a fortune 200 company responsible for approximately one billion in gross receivables. His critical thinking and decision making skills make him a valuable asset to the team. Lawrence is a licensed broker.

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